Manuscript, Rare Book and Archive Studies at Princeton

MARBAS is the initiative of a group of faculty from across the Humanities committed to teaching the techniques at the core of humanistic research.

At the center of our research and teaching are manuscripts, archival documents, early printed books and other textual artifacts produced before 1600. 

Workshops & Working Groups

Reading groups and intensive workshops on codicology, paleography, digital methods and more

Digital Resources

Databases, digital collections and other resources for teaching and research

Codex Aureus

Stockholm Codex Aureus, National Library of Sweden, MS A. 135, 8th century.

Daode jing 道德經 scroll

Princeton University Art Museum, Daode jing 道德經, chapters 51–81, no. 1998-116 China, 270

Book of Curiosities - Sicily map

Upcoming Events

Rare Book School Course: Fifteenth-Century Books in Print & Manuscript

An introduction to bibliographical analysis of fifteenth century Latin books, offered by MARBAS’ own Will Noel

Princeton University
Rare Book School Course: Why Black Bibliography Matters

A seminar on Black bibliography and its interaction with literary scholarship and cultural theory, from the 1970s to the modern day, taught by…