What have you got there, Yunxiao Xiao?

Yunxiao Xiao is a graduate student in the Department of East Asian Studies. In her dissertation "Scribes, Scholars, and Their Practices: The Making of Textual Knowledge in Early China,” she studies books, scholars, and the epistemological practices in early and medieval China. She is a specialist on early Chinese bamboo manuscripts and in this interview she introduces us to a mathematical table she has been working on, the Suanbiao 算表 manuscript. 

What have you got there, Michael Cook?

Many of Professor Michael Cook’s students have likely already made acquaintance with his exquisite coin collection. In this brief interview, he describes four of his coins, shares how they can be used to understand the past, and how he has used them for his teaching. At the very end, he discusses which questions he has not yet been able to answer.