Flame Conference 2022 (Hybrid)

Mar 18, 2022Mar 20, 2022
East Pyne 10 & Firestone Library C-10-H
Event Description

This conference will bring together an international group of scholars who have worked on Princeton’s FLAME project, as well as leading scholars on the late antique and early medieval economy worldwide. Over three days, speakers will present new findings centred on the research priorities of the FLAME project. Participants will share insights on economic, political, and social changes throughout this period, but will also reflect upon the  historiographical and methodological problems posed by the project itself. The papers will involve insights from a significant global region, as FLAME’s scope ranges from Gibraltar to southeastern India. An exhibition of coins relating to the conference from the Princeton University Numismatic Collection will accompany the conference and will be on display outside of East Pyne 010 on March 18th and 19th.