Hamza Zafer | Demystifying Ge'ez: Garrett Ethiopic Magic Scroll No. 4

Apr 2, 2024, 5:00 pm6:30 pm
Firestone Library - Special Collections


Event Description

MARBAS in collaboration with the Princeton University Library is excited to announce the Fall 2023 'PUL&MARBAS present' event series, which explores Princeton’s vast holdings of rare books, manuscripts, and archives.

Ge’ez or “Ethiopic” is a Classical African language, which is crucial for understanding the formative histories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the Red Sea region and beyond. Writings in Ge’ez span two millennia, from stone inscriptions to literary texts including scriptural translation, hagiography, poetry, philosophy, and history. In this talk, we will examine a Ge’ez “healing scroll” in the Princeton Archives. We will explore the context of its production and the significance of its content for understanding the social and cultural history of Northeast Africa.

The sessions begin at 5pm with a short presentation, followed by a Q&A and libations. 

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