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London International Palaeography School

The London International Palaeography School is a series of intensive courses in Palaeography and Manuscript Studies. Subject areas include Latin, Insular, Middle English, Early Modern English, German and Greek palaeography, illuminated manuscripts, codicology, manuscript editing and liturgical and devotional manuscripts.

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Past Courses and Workshops

Rare Book School Course: Why Black Bibliography Matters

Deadline: March 7

This seminar considers how the questions Black bibliography began to ask in the 1970s reverberate with contemporary literary scholarship and cultural theory. After surveying the different logics and practices of Black bibliography (enumerative, annotated, and analytical), the seminar revisits the revolution in Black print and shows how publications of the era challenge classical determinations of authority, impression, and edition. The difficulty in accounting for and describing Black-authored books at the time becomes an opportunity for students to discuss why Black bibliography matters today.

Taught by Kinohi Nishikawa.

Rare Book School Course: Fifteenth-Century Books in Print & Manuscript

Deadline: March 7

This course is intended to serve as a general introduction to bibliographical analysis. Its examples and methods are primarily derived from fifteenth-century manuscripts and printed books at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, as this is a period commonly overlooked or only summarily treated by the standard guides. Note that this course is not a general historical introduction to manuscripts or incunabula; the primary purpose of the course is to encourage a way of bibliographical thinking that should prove useful in the analysis of all books, early or modern.

Taught by Will Noel & Paul Needham